nissan leaf acceleration 0-60

nissan leaf acceleration 0-60


The time has come for the environment friendly Auto from the Japanese maker Nissan Leaf and the proof for this is its early taking of a title as the European Motorcar of the Year as it leaves behind all of other hatchbacks and saloons that are standing with it on the line.

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Giving poses for car magazines, the newly launched electric Car, Nissan Lead walked away with the top honor of the year 2011. In the industry, getting the ECOTY is a big honor as it is considered one of the most prestigious titles that will be given to any Car.

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The title is declared on the common decision that is precided over by the jury of 57 auto journalist picked up from the 20 European countries.The stunning eco-social Car from Nissan managed to get the title of European car of the Year 2011 by grabbing a total of 257 point leaving behind the top names such as Alfa Romeo’s Guilietta standing with 248 points and Opel/Vauxhall’s Meriva mini-van which managed to grab 248 points.

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Nissan Leaf is based on a high end technology base which is the major reason down its superior performance to make it the best in class option. The Motorcar is powered by a 120 bhp electric motor along with efficient lithium-ion batteries.

nissan leaf electric vehicle

Because of these strong figures, the Car became capable of reaching a top speed of 145 kph and with just one charging, it could smoothly travel a distance of 175 kilometers. The motorcar do not just consider the environment as a factor but it also assures the supreme comfort of the passengers and this is primarily the reason why it was able to best out the car models to be given the European Car of the Year award.

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It also comes with parking camera, advanced telematics, air conditioning system and other features. Thus it leaves behind the tradition of dull and poor technology based electric automobile, Nissan Lead comes up with superior technology that is good enough to give a tough time to its competitors. The slick electric Motorcar received the award.

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Everyone was quick to note this is the foremost time that the award was given to an electric Motorcar but then it is the first time that an affordable, mass-market electric Motorcar has been available.Hakan Matson, the jury presidet said that the jury acknowledged that the Nissan Lead is a breakthrough for electric cars. Nissan Leaf, the jury says, is the first EV that can match the conventional cars in many respects.

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