vespa gts 300 super official video

vespa gts 300 super official video

One of the most enduring scenes in film is in the classic film Roman Holiday. The film starred the undying and ever beautiful Audrey Hepburn (Oh how I love her!) and the gifted Gregory Peck.

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Hepburn played a princess who was visiting Rome for a state visit. Tired of her strictly regimented life, she escaped the confines of her embassy, disguised herself as a commoner and began touring the streets of Rome. There she met Gregory Peck who played an American corresponding in Italy. The movie was basically a sight-seeing tour of the streets and Rome, but it is very memorable because they both toured the scenic spots in a Vespa scooter. This singular scene catapulted the Vespa as a cultural icon.

vespa gts 300 super sport review

Though the movie was not really what you call a happy ending for they both did not end up with each other (oops sorry for ruining the plot to those who have not seen it), generations of girls dream of becoming Audrey Hepburn being swept away by their own Gregory Peck driving into the sunset in their very own Vespa.Vespa scooters have their cult following. Like the Volkswagen or the Mini Cooper, Vespas are liked because of their unique (some consider cute as the more appropriate description) design. Vespa’s design was derived from wasps hence the name. As a matter of fact, wasp if translated into Italian is called vespa. The Vespa was first made after world war 2 and since then its design saw little deviations.

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Scooters are perfect for the old narrow and cobbled Roman streets. It reflects the olden times when people are gentler, the days seemed slower and the air was full of romanticism. From those famed cobbled streets Vespa spread throughout the world. Perhaps because this little mode of transportation is perfect for weaving in and out in today’s heavily congested roads or perhaps Italians are really talented designers of vehicles. (I am sure most of you will agree with me on this point. I have yet to meet somebody who finds the highly desirable and exotic Ferrari sports cars as ugly.) Ever since I had seen a Vespa in Roman Holiday, I always wanted to buy one for myself.

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There were only two troubles that presented themselves to me. First, there is no Vespa being sold in our region and second, even if there are Vespas in our island, I cannot afford one. The closest things that resemble a Vespa in our place are the delivery scooters of Yellow Cab Pizza. I even joked to my first cousin that we should steal one, remove the delivery compartment at the back and repaint it with any color not yellow. I would even dream of accessorizing them with parts from scooter, but of course I know that all this will just be a dream to me. Maybe in my minds eye, I see myself also driving a Vespa, sweeping my own Audrey Hepburn off her feet and we will both ride off into the sunset.

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vespa gts300 super service manual

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