yamaha xjr 1300 screens

yamaha xjr 1300 screens

The FJR1300 was presented to Europe in 2001 before coming in North America in 2002, with the 2003 example year designation, and offered in a non ABS version only.

yamaha xjr 1300 red

Motorcyclist magazine publisher named the 2003 model motorcycle of the Year. It had 298 mm front brake discs. It appeared in Europe in various colors: silver, blue, black and red. The 2004 European example came in a range of colors, including Silver Storm.

yamaha xjr 1300 us

The 2004 Northern American models included both a non-ABS version with traditional blue anodized brake calipers and a new ABS version. Both were Cerulean Silver.

yamaha xjr 1300 spare parts

Other refinements included an upgrade to the suspension rates, 320 mm front brake discs, and a fairing pocket for average items. The 2005, Northern American example year remained structurally unchanged with a non-ABS and ABS example in Galaxy Blue.

yamaha fjr1300 tank pad

In 2006,the U.S. and rest of the world model years synchronized and design significantly changed including trailing arm varieties, radiator curving, instrumentation changes, upgraded alternator and significant attention to airflow varieties from reported heat issues in previous years.

yamaha xjr 1300 fuel gauge

In response to these complaints, Yamaha added several flexible vents to the FJR1300, allowing the rider to direct air to or away from the body. The base 2006 FJR1300A example has ABS with linked brakes and is Dark Blue Metallic while the Cerulean Silver colored FJR1300 model features a semi-automatic transmission.

yamaha xjr 1300 used

The AE/AS model has YCCS, or Yamaha Chip-controlled Shift. The rider can either utilize the standard foot shifter without the clutch lever, or shift via a mountain-bike style shifter on the left bar.

The AE model continues in production through 2008. For 2008, some minor varieties were presented, including an update to the altitude-related locomotive control unit issues and throttle ‘feel’, notably to improve low speed on/off throttle transitions.

yamaha xjr 1300 workshop manuals

The colors announced in Europe are; Silver (Silver Tech), Black (Midnight Black) and Graphite. 2008 also sees minor changes in the ABS system. Design engine The FJR1300 has a 1298cc transverse mounted inline four engine with four valves per cylinder. Transmission The FJR1300 uses a five-speed manual gearbox with close ratio gears. The FJR1300 example features a semi-automatic transmission which Yamaha calls YCC-S (Yamaha Chip controlled-Shift).

yamaha fjr1300 touring

This system is a five-speed sequential manual gearbox with a computer controlled clutch that dispenses with the conventional clutch lever.

These models have no lever on the left bar and instead have a mountain-bike style shifter worked with thumb and index finger.

yamaha xjr 1300 sale

Gear shifts are complete in around 0.2 seconds. The conventional foot shifter may be used simultaneously. The gear box pattern is also unconventional in that neutral is at the bottom end of the range.

yamaha xjr 1300 motorbikes for sale

The ECU automatically controls the robotic clutch and ignition timing to ensure smooth gear shifting and will actuate the clutch at standstill. Stalling the engine is not possible.

yamaha xjr 1300 on ebay

Final drive is via shaft, encased within the swingarm, which has monoshock suspension with remote 1 setting adjustable pre-load. Chassis The frame of the FJR1300 is a twin spar design manufactured from aluminum alloy, the locomotive is a fully stressed member.

yamaha xjr 1300 pictures

electrical system The FJR1300 features a standard 12 volt electrical system, with a fused cigarette-lighter style supplement jack in the left central locking glovebox. The 2003 U.S. example does not have a glovebox or electrical outlet; example years 2004 and 2005 do not include the electric outlet.

yamaha xjr 1300 tuning

Other features The FJR1300 features an electrically adjusted screen controlled by a rocker switch on the handlebars. By default the shield returns to its lowest position when the key is off, however some riders choose to disable the ‘return’ feature. A number of new features were added beginning with the 2006 model year, including a rider-adjustable airflow system. AE models feature heated handlebar grips with speed sensitive adjustment.

yamaha xjr 1300 air filter

The handlebars are flexible, with 3 positions, and the seat is adjustable to high or low, with about an inch between the positions. Locking side panniers are supplied as standard and each will take a full face helmet. Options include: fairing protectors, larger screen, color-coded top box.

yamaha xjr 1300 dyno tuning

police models Yamaha FJR1300A (2006) used by Danish law In the UK, the FJR1300 has substituted the Honda ST1300 as the patrol motorbike with several police forces, following the withdrawal of the Honda ST1300 Pan European due to concerns over high speed handling.

yamaha xjr1300 forum

Yamaha FJR 1300 is the patrol vehicle used by the police force of Trinidad and Tobago including the units in the convoy of the President and the Prime Minister.

Yamaha XJR1300 Service Manual

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