Aprilia SL750 Shiver Manual

Aprilia SL750 Shiver Manual

Whether it is for garments, bikes or automobiles, the Italians have a very typical style. Aprilia motorcycles, unsurprisingly, are no exception. They are all undeniably Italian in their design and execution. The current range of motorcycles is the result of years of design and innovation, but what made them the company they are today?The History of Aprilia BikesLike most motorcycle manufacturers, Aprilia started out manufacturing bicycles. Just after the Second World War Alberto Beggio opened a factory in Noale, Venice. After 20 years of producing simple bicycles, Beggio made his first motorcycle. The first bike had a capacity of just 50cc and rapidly led to the development and production of the ColibrÄ› and Daniela mopeds.

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From this development of scooters, Aprilia then moved onto motocross motorcycles. Aprilia produced their first competitive motocross bike in 1974 which quickly led to them dominating the motocross championships in just a few years.After a period of focusing intensely on motocross machines, in the 1980’s Aprilia decided to move into producing bigger, more powerful bikes. 1985 saw the birth of Aprilia racing, a racing outfit which would prove to be a dominant force in motorcycle racing for the next 30 years. Aprilia rapidly saw success in the MotoGP which has let to many titles and successes over the years.The key to Aprilia’s success is in their wide range of designs. They are one of the few motorcycle manufacturers who produce all types of bike, from 50cc scooters right up to 1000cc racing machines. Aprilia are the only manufacturer in Europe to offer this wide, diverse range.

Aprilia SL750 Shiver Service Manual

Since 2004 Aprilia have been part of the Piaggio group. This move has allowed Aprilia to focus more on their mid range motorcycles and has already led to some exciting developments. Two of the most exciting developments of recent years have been the Shiver 750 and the Mana 850. The Shiver is the first production bike to merged an electronic ride by wire throttle, and the Mana, the first to incorporate Aprilia’s fully automatic electronic gearbox.Though these two models have caused quite a stir in the motorbike world, it is Aprilia’s flagship superbike that gets the most attention. The RSV4 is the result of 33 championships victories, 254 MotoGP Championships and 8 Superbike wins.

The RSV4 is at the absolute cutting edge of motorcycle purpose. It is a ‘supersport’ machine which shows exactly what the teams at Aprilia are capable of.If you want more information about Aprilia motorcycles you can start by walking into any UK motorbike dealer. Though this will get you so far, if you want specialist advice, you will need to go to a specialist Aprilia motorbike dealer. A specialist Aprilia motorcycle dealer will – with their enthusiasm, knowledge and experience of these beautiful bikes – give you all the information and inspiration you need.If you already own an Aprilia bike and need some help or support with it, there are many specialist Aprilia motorcycle dealers in London who will know your bike inside and out. They will be able to fully advise you on how best to look after it as well as provide a first class service should you need any work done.

DOWNLOAD THE LASTEST Aprilia SL750 Shiver Service Manual = Aprilia SL750 Shiver Service Manual

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