Nissan Xtrail Download Manual

Nissan Xtrail Download Manual

The Nissan car company came out with the X-Trail model as a compact crossover SUV type vehicle. They introduced the model in 2001. The X-Trail found its position just below the Nissan Xterra and the Pathfinder.Nissans first genesis X-trail was based on the Nissan FF-S platform.

This same platform was also shared with the Almera and the Primera. The first generation models were produced from 2001-2007. By 2004 all models were equipped with fully electric windows, electric door mirrors, climate control a single CD player, four air bags for safety and remote central locking. In the middle of 2002 Nissan released a special version X-Trail that was only offered to the Japanese domestic market.The second genesis of the X-Trail was launched in 2007 and is still in production today.

Nissan Xtrail Problems

This version is slightly larger than previous models and became based on the Nissan C platform. For this genesis Nissan did something different, it asked the customers what they would like to see changed and used this information to revise the model. Although they ran into a small problem, most of the customers responded with a single word when asked what they would like changed, “nothing.”

This let Nissan know they were doing something right to begin with and took the other info from other answers and started a refinement process.It has kept its slightly squared off shape as it makes it easy for nervous or inexperienced drivers to see the corners of the vehicle. This interpretation is slightly larger than previous models offering more space in the interior, a bulk of the extra space is dominated by the boot area which offers “best in class” capacity.

Nissan Xtrail Owners Manual

Another non optional extra for the vehicle line includes Bluetooth connectivity for mobile phones allowing the drivers to answer phone calls by touching buttons on the steering wheel and displaying caller id info on the audio screen. Since satnav is so prevalent in these times Nissan has moved back the instrument cluster to make room for a screen to be mounted in the dash.

Nissan Xtrail Service Manual

While the X-Trail used to be commercialized as more of a workhorse than it was a family vehicle, the newer versions are much more family friendly and show a much more refined attitude. It is now a comfortable, reliable, hard working stylish vehicle that is as at home on the open road as much as it is driving down a dirt path up the side of a mountain.


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