Ducati Multistrada Service Manual

Ducati Multistrada Service Manual

An Italian engineer with a penchant for Discovery Channel and Sci-Fi flicks pontificates the belief of splicing the DNA of a mule with that of a cheetah. The result is a sure-footed mountain climber capable of unbelievable outbursts of speed and maneuverability.

When the directive comes from Ducati brass to construct the Multistrada that should have been but never was, the engineer’s muleetah changes from inspiration to purpose.Bikes of this nature are often made from an off-road perspective with enough D.O.T. accouterments granting them street-legality. Ducati’s reverse engineering approach with the Multistrada 1200 emphasizes the the bike’s road-going capacities and subordinates its prowess when the sidewalk ends.

Essentially, the MTS is a cross-breed that should pique the attention of sportbike enthusiasts, and once ridden, expose a world of motorcycling beyond knee-dragging and reduced lap times. I make the above statement as a motorcyclist who has subjected umpteen sportbikes to tests of endurance in environments unsuitable for their specific purpose because I’ve always enjoyed the adventure of motorcycle camping, but was unwilling to deny myself the measure of execution provided by modern race replicas.

Ducati Multistrada Manual

By gracing the Multistrada 1200 S with a 150 horsepower Testasretta engine, Brembo brakes and hlins suspension, Ducati negated any sacrifice. Riding the Multistrada 1200 S Touring model from the sea level altitude of Long Beach, California to the 7,500 ft. summit of Idyllwild’s Black Mountain campground in the San Bernadino Mountains lends credence to the bike’s ability to excel in canyon twists while maintaining composure and confidence with pebbles, dirt and sand beneath its tires. Sans Blacktop For a streetbike rider with average off-road talents, such as myself, 150 hp can be somewhat intimidating even with practiced throttle control skills. Ducati addresses this situation with four pre-programmed modes (Sport, Touring, Urban, Enduro) that adjusts engine characteristics and suspension settings with the push of a button, and while on the fly.

Selecting the Enduro mode reduces horsepower to 100, creating a more manageable power output, and also adapts the rebound and compression damping settings, on both the forks and shock of the Ducati Electronic-hlins Suspension ( DES, S model only), to pre-determined off-road riding settings. The Enduro mode also reduces the Ducati Traction Control (DTC) setting to level 2 for minimal intervention, which is fine if its a short jaunt or joy ride, but for more aggressive fun in the dirt turning off DTC is the better option.

The Pirelli Scorpion Trail tires maintain high levels of grip on the road and adequate execution in the dirt, and seem the appropriate compromise for a bike that’ll spend 90 percent of its time on tarmac. The quandary here, of course, is that choosing a better enduro tire reduces on-road execution and vice versa. The best option? A second set of wheels at the ready when youre certain to be attacking a landscape void of black top.

Ducati Multistrada 2010 Service Manual

For my trip to the top of Black Mountain, the Scorpions performed fine as long as cornering speeds were kept in check when navigating the switchbacking fire road leading from highway 243 to my campsite. Viewing the Multistrada 1200 from a crash/cost perspective is other revealing element of the bikes on-road heritage. The blinker-integrated hand guards will not survive a get-off and are expensive to replace.

The flexible saddlebags and mounting apparatus, while easy to remove, are anything but heavy duty, and while there is a bash plate protecting the bottom of the motor, the exhaust pipe extending from the front piston chamber is left exposed. Speaking of saddlebags… the stylish ones gracing the Multistrada are a cheap compromise on a bike adorned with such advanced techno gadgetry. The pockets do not seal tight enough to be thought water-resistant. The mounting system is virtually transparent when the bags are not attached, and the right-side bag loses most of its capacity due to unnecessary exhaust compensation.

The rear of the Multistrada features a rack (to which an optional top box can be attached), and when used in conjunction with the rear seat provides ample room for carrying gear, firewood and/or various other adventure necessities.

Compared to the common sportbike, the Mulistrada feels like a barcalounger with enough leg way to satisfy an NBA player. The wide, superbike handlebars personify leverage and are a welcome change from clip-ons.

The seat itself is flat and wide, while seat foam was a perfect density for my 185 lbs. during the course of a four-hour trip. The extra travel of the forks can be marshmallowy during hard braking, but experience and easy operation will keep the front end from impromptu diving when riding an aggressive pace.

Ducati Multistrada MTS Service Manual

There also exists the Touring mode (150hp with progressive power delivery, suspension adjustments for long-distance traveling and DTC set at level 5), and Urban mode (100hp with progressive power delivery, suspension settings for rough sidewalk, and DTC at level 2), which I did experiment with, but always found myself returning to Sport mode because it just too damn fun!

The new MTS features a Ride by Wire (RbW) system, which replaces the throttle cable with electronic signals, but unless you’re thinking about it, a applied science that remains invisible during normal operation. In addition to RbW, the Touring model features heated handles and a centerstand.

As it was the middle of August, I skipped testing the heated handles, but the centerstand, and accompanying lever attached to the passenger footpeg for hoisting the MTS onto the centerstand, are always beneficial when it comes to at-home upkeep. The placement of the centerstand is a questionable choice as my left heel was constantly pushing on it when riding aggressively.

And yes, I did unknowingly push the centerstand down and grind it while cornering. In all, it was a great weekend spent aboard the Multistrada 1200 S Touring model. The bike handled everything I packed on it and rode over whether on sidewalk or not. At £21,995 the S model is not cheap, but considering its package of electronic goodies (DTC, RbW, ABS, DES) it seems like a bargain.

DOWNLOAD 2010 SERVICE MANUAL =Ducati Multistrada Manual

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