Car Insurance FAQ

Car Insurance FAQ

This brief article will answer all of your car insurance FAQ (frequently asked questions). Time and time again we are asked similar questions so we decided to put all of the answers in one place. The only caveat is that state regulations may vary so please consult your state department of insurance before using the info contained in this article.

The most common question we get about car insurance is; how much should I have? The answer to this is not a specific number, but more of a general guideline. You should purchase as much coverage as you can comfortably afford. Most insurers have three categories of insurance; good, adequate, and best. If you can afford it always buy the best package.

Most states have a minimum amount of liability purchase that you are required to purchase in order to drive your car legally. In very clear terms this amount will not be enough to cover any major accident. If you are involved in such an accident you will be held personally liable for any damages or injuries that cost more than the minimum coverage you purchased.The other common question we see is; what is the cheapest insurance? The answer to this is easy to find.

The least expensive insurance will vary depending on your personal driving history, but by going online and requesting a few quotes you can easily find the lowest price on your next policy.To qualify for the least costly policy you will want to take a defensive driving course, drive a safe car that is unlikely to be stolen, and most significantly try to have a clean driving record.

This list of auto insurance FAQ s is by no means all inclusive, but these are the most common questions we receive regarding car insurance policies. Following these tips will help you find the cheapest policy out there.


Car Insurance FAQ

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