BMW Z4 Problems

BMW Z4 Problems

The E85 (Z4) entered production around 2002 at the Spartanburg plant and will
replace the E36/7 (Z3). In so doing it will be writing the next chapter in the chronicle of the
BMW roadster.

That tradition started with the early 328 and 507 models and has been continued by the
Z1, Z3 and Z8.

The latest model, the Z4 (development code E85), is being built only as a roadster. There
will be no coupé as there was with the Z3. The 3.0i and the 2.5i versions of the Z4 will both
be fitted with the M54 engine.

With a breathtaking, completely new design and even more sporting driving characteristics,
it is intended to advance to a leading position with regard to vigor among the competition.

A range of equipment that is modern and suited to the marketplace is the basis for successful
higher placement in comparison to the Z3.

This higher placement is reinforced by the exclusive use of 6-cylinder engines as well as the
new name (the Z3 becomes the Z4). In order to secure market leadership, the E85 features
numerous technical gems, whereby the soft-top and audio systems were assigned particular
attention during development; the Z4 is to be the “best in each class.”

Different lines of equipment and the offer of virtually all special equipment that has so far
been reserved for higher series (including High navigation with folding monitor) complete the
image of the E85 as a premium model.

Alongside its glamorous design in a completely new language of shape, the E85 also features


The E85 features all of the proportions that are typical of a roadster: long engine hood, short
rear and short overhangs. Both seats stretch far to the back – almost to the rear axle.
These basic characteristics lend the E85 an extravagant and futuristic appearance The
design does not adopt the same direction as the E65, but rather interprets the values of
sporting character and dynamism by intentionally omitting classical luxury.
The use of “flame surfacing” for the first time makes the new BMW roadster into a glamorous
pioneer in a new era of design.

The mix of curves and straight lines, crossing lines,
concave and convex elements underlines this language of shape. Depending on the angle
of view, the E85 reveals a wide variety of details to the beholder.
In comparison to the Z3, the front is smoother and rounder, but preserves the typical BMW
characteristics of kidney grille and double headlights. The kidney grille has been lowered
into the deforming elements made of yielding foam material. The turn indicator lamps
extend across the entire lower edge of the front headlights (bi-Xenon as special equipment)
up to the side top edge.

The side line continues the roundings of the front with a striking sweep. The front limit line
of the engine bonnet runs across the headlight top edges into the vehicle flanks. There, it
continues over the front mudguard in a curve all the way to the lower edge of the doors,
which it closes off to the rear.

A slanted straight bead in front of the doors adopts the line of the A-pillars. It clearly delineates
the front mudguards and is interrupted by a large BMW emblem, surrounded by the
side turn indicator lamps. Although the soft-top lies open in the soft-top compartment, it is
permanently covered and dirt-protected by means of the new Z folding by its own front

The highly narrative rear end is kept visually flat by means of the almost horizontal side

Together with the rear lights cut straight at the top and curved at the bottom, the E85
radiates just as much dynamism and activity from the rear as it does from the front.
The centre brake light is inserted beneath the striking cut edge of the luggage compartment
lid. The wheels deployed are exclusively light-alloy wheels, initially with 6 different rim
designs with 16, 17 or 18 inches diameter.


DOWNLOAD BMW Z4 Service Manual = BMW Z4 Service Manual

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