RS125 Aprilia Manual

RS125 Aprilia Manual

Aprilia presented the first RS125 in 1992. It has the distinctive features of having an angular tail section and swept front fairing, square cut headlamp unit, three spoke rims, air scoops on the upper front middle fairing, Electric starter or kick start on the left hand side and analogue gauges.

The RS125 is revised and the R suffix is dropped. The RS retains a lot of the appearances of the previous RS but there are some notable differences. The front air intakes are integrated into the front upper portion of the middle fairing. The headlamp unit is rounded and the lip is presented to the top centre. A digital gauge is added in place of the temperature gauge.

The RS125 is revised again in 1999 with more rounder and bulbous fairings, five spoke rims and a single air duct on the right hand side. The lip on the headlamp unit is increased in size.
RS125 2006 onwards

The RS125 was given completely new fairing styling similar to the RSVR. The most notable features are the angular fairings, two headlamp units, digital gauge and multispoke rims.

The RS125 Tuono was introduced in 1999 as a semi naked version of the RS125. Production ran until 2005 and was subsequently dropped from the line-up.

The Tuono was essentially an RS125 with the middle and lower circumstances of the fairings absent and a handlebar fitted on the top yoke.

Download Aprilia RS125 Service Manual =  Aprilia RS125

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