Honda Deauville 650

Honda Deauville 650


If the idea of whipping briskly across continents in the wink of an eye holds less appeal than comfortable cruising, excellent economy, unflappable reliability and ease of use, then step right up and meet the new for  Honda NTV 650 a friendly V twin, mid-size tourer that’s ready for anything.

The Honda NTV 650 SOHC V-twin produces brisk speedup, with enough mid-range urge to capably dispense with motorway overtakes. It’s also flexible enough to let you hang on to a higher gear through slower corners, but with a dry weight of 236kg and just 64bhp to propel you don’t expect miracles from the Honda NTV 650.

Honda Deauville

Rather than stick on a heavy tyre for aesthetic purposes Honda wisely stuck to a sensible 150-section tyre on the Honda NTV 650, that combines well with a competent chassis for a surprisingly agile ride. The Honda NTV 650 doesn’t lose its sense of proportion even when fully loaded and 2 up, either.

The Honda NTV 650 comes with colour-coded hard panniers, with a total of over 54 litres carrying capacity. There’s an ABS option to complement the Honda NTV 650’s standard equipment, Combined Braking arrangement , a stereo system and a sat nav arrangement to boot. With its shaft-drive and famed build quality the Honda NTV 650 should run and run.

Honda NT650 V Deauville

The motor has been in service, almost unaltered, with Honda since 1988 and is capable of truly huge mileage; well into six figures from many Honda NTV 650’s. Read any Honda NTV 650 review and you’ll read that the Honda NTV 650’s service costs are low, insurance premiums are on the floor, it’s frugal and residual prices are very stable.




Honda NTV650





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