Honda Transalp 700 XL

Honda Transalp 700 XL

Honda Transalp 700 XL Service Manual

Honda has updated it’s Adventure motorbike to different specs. The Transalp saw the light of day back in 1987 thanks to the success of the Paris-Dakar rally.

The new multi-use XL700V Transalp motorbike does not show its age, or rather, it has aged well. It still look like a Transalp, but has received several new technology advantages. Lighter, faster and more environment friendly. At the Paris “Mondial du Deux Roues” motorbike Exhibition , Honda presented the different Transalp to the public for the first time.

The Transalp is compacter, more slimmer then before. Modelled on the image of galloping horse, the Transalp will look at home on the highway, or in the Sahara desert. The different Transalps fuel tank is smaller in capacity than its previous version (down from 19 to 17.5 litres), but the greatly better fuel consumption figures of its different fuel-injected engine actually extend its riding range.

The bold graphics surrounding the Transalp name on the shoulders of its aggressively sculpted side cowls were inspired by the modern, high-tech design of a GPS readout. The longitude and latitude position numbers correspond to the peak altitude of the highest paved road accessible by motorcycle in Europe: the Col de la Bonette (Bonette pass), located in the southern French Alps. Back in 1987, the Transalp had a 583 cc engine. The 2008 model has 680 cc.

The Transalp different engine also sports 4-valve heads and different porting that permits smoother, more efficient flow of intake and exhaust gasses through the combustion chambers, as well as more complete filling of the combustion chambers on the intake stroke: better breathing for better performance.

Honda Transalp 700

Honda Transalp 700 XL Service Manual

Windows, Linux and Mac

Only £7.99

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