Vauxhall Zafira Problems 1999 – 2010

Vauxhall Zafira Problems 1999 – 2010

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1999, 2000,2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 And 2010
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Vauxhall Zafira Problems

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About The Vauxhall Zafira

Of course the most obvious answer to this question is “because you’re not a car designer dummy”. Even if I was though I probably would have raised a cheer for the person who solved the age old automotive conundrum of how to transport a family and all their junk around in something smaller than a removal lorry and without the styling and handling characteristics that go with it.Before you say anything I realise that this was not the greatest problem that mankind has faced and we need to put things into perspective here but nonetheless the solution still required a stroke of genius.1999 was the year when Vauxhall introduced the Zafira to a rapturous audience.

It reinvented family motoring and caused the demise of the trusty estate car or at the very least gave it an identity crisis. Vauxhall was unrepentant however and the near decade that has elapsed since its launch the Zafira is still being purchased in large numbers and is cherished throughout this land almost as much as the family pet..It would be a lie to say that the seven-seat Zafira can match the very latest compact MPVs for steering feel or agility, but the handling is safe and predictable.

Grip levels are strong and body lean through bends isn’t excessive. However, at times the suspension damping doesn’t cope well over rough surfaces and it lacks control under hard cornering but what do you expect in an MPV? The brakes are strong with very short stopping distances especially at low speed. The aircraft-style handbrake is neat although a bit fiddly at firstRenault could claim that they were first into the compact MPV sector with the Scenic but it is the seven-seat Zafira that undoubtedly transformed it and has inspired such competition as the Grand Scenic, VW Touran, Toyota Verso and Mazda 5. Some manufacturers only offer five-seat versions of their Zafira rival, but Vauxhall has optimised the Zafira in seven-seat form, for those who just want five seats it offers the Meriva instead. The line-up of models is huge and in addition there are special editions too, which change periodically. More recently Vauxhall has taken the model more up market with an ‘Elite’ trim.The Zafira offers a wide range of petrol and diesel engines but its weight means that the smaller less powerful units do sometimes struggle a bit.

The Zafira is fairly popular as a fleet vehicle so Vauxhall offers a 1.9-litre diesel but retail customers are accounted for as well with more affordable petrol engines. This is fortunate, as the Zafira sometimes looks a little expensive compared to some rivals, particularly when you consider standard equipment levels that could be more generous.The latest Zafira, with its rakish headlights and smoother lines, is undoubtedly a better-looking car than the original. The interior is also stylish and constructed from quality materials. The driving position is high and reassuring whilst head, shoulder and knee room are ample and the seats are comfortable.The Flex7 folding seat system is still holding up well and by folding the seats flat you can enhance the already-capacious boot considerably.

The smaller-engined petrol and diesel Zafiras really impress for fuel economy and retained values are still surprisingly good considering how many used Zafiras are available on the market, servicing costs and intervals are very competitive too as a result of the enviable reliability record of the car.All in all the Zafira shapes up well and whilst still being ubiquitous in numbers who would choose to be different just for the sake of it? Besides if you still want to cling on to your young carefree days where your right foot seemingly solved all of life’s problems then there’s always the Zafira VXR available at a Vauxhall dealer near you.

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